The World Identification Number System (or WIN) is a system of codes used to identify different universes and multiverses. In most cases, the WIN follows a specific format. First is the multiverse number and then the universe number, with the two separated by a hyphen. In the case of a Pocket Multiverse, a third section is placed in between the others.


WIN World
11711 Seuss Universe
808 View Askewniverse
DC DC Multiverse
FOX-MCGR Fox Universe
GWL Star Wars Multiverse
HLP Valve Multiverse
LON Horror Multiverse
LRGH Lone Ranger Multiverse
LWW Narnia Multiverse
M Marvel Multiverse
MQN95 Cars Universe
N10 Nintendo Multiverse
NCK TeenNick Universe
NKTN NickToons Multiverse
QJT-A Tarantino Universe
QJT-B Tarantino Movie Universe
SLYR Buffyverse
TOHO Kaiju Multiverse
TOY Toy Story Universe
WFSTN Doomiverse
WHO Whoniverse