Narnia Multiverse
Multiverse LWW
Primary Universe: The Wood Between the Worlds
First Appearance: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Narnia Multiverse is a collection of Pocket Multiverses where travel between universes is common.

Known UniversesEdit

  • Narnia Literary Multiverse (LWW-L)
    • The Wood Between the Worlds (LWW-L-0)
    • Narnian Earthling Universe (LWW-L-EH)
    • Narnia Universe (LWW-L-NR1)
    • Charn Universe (LWW-L-CQN)
  • Narnia Movie Multiverse (LWW-F)
  • Narnia BBC Multiverse (LWW-BBC)
  • Narnia Animated Multiverse (LWW-AC)