Not to be confused with Universes and Multiverses.

The Dimensions are passages through space, time, and existence. All things of the Omniverse exist at a specific point in each dimension. There are six dimensions in total. The first three dimensions co-exist side by side, while each succeeding dimension encases the previous dimensions.

  • The first three dimensions are length, width, and depth. These three dimensions are generally accessible to all forms of matter and energy.
  • The fourth dimension is time. In most cases, time moves in a single direction at a constant rate from creation to destruction of any universe. Traveling along the fourth dimension in any way other than the set rate is difficult, often requiring the use of a wormhole, time machine, or other less common methods of time travel.
  • The fifth dimension is the inter-universal dimension. Each universe is considered to be one point along the fifth dimension. Direct fifth-dimensional movement can be achieved directly with a door between worlds. Fifth-dimensional movement also takes place during the creation and destruction of universes. Free fifth-dimensional travel would allow travel through every universe within a single multiverse.
  • The sixth and final dimension is the inter-multiversal dimension, or the omnidimension. The sixth-dimension is synonymous with the Omniverse as a whole, consisting of only a single point where all that has ever been or ever will be resides.