DC Multiverse
Multiverse DC
Primary Universe: Earth Prime, New 52 Multiverse
First Appearance: Action Comics #1

The DC Multiverse is a massive multiverse featuring a pantheon of superhuman individuals. The multiverse is most notable for having many pocket multiverses, many of which have been altered or destroyed.

Notable WorldsEdit

Comic WorldsEdit

  • Original DC Multiverse (DC-A): The Original DC Multiverse was the multiverse created by Krona upon the Big Bang and destroyed by the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It contained thousands of recorded and potentially infinite universes.
  • DC Zero Hour Universe (DC-ZH): The Zero Hour Universe was the temporary end result of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After the Crisis, all of the universes of the Original DC Multiverse were condensed to a single universe. Due to the conflicting nature of these universes, the timeline was unstable and dependent on Hypertime for its structure.
  • New Earth Universe (DC-B): The New Earth Multiverse was the multiverse created as a result of the Infinite Crisis. It was destroyed by Barry Allen during Flashpoint.
  • New 52 Multiverse (DC-52): The New 52 Multiverse is a modified version of the New Earth created during Flashpoint.

Cinematic WorldsEdit

Television WorldsEdit

Coexistence with Other WorldsEdit

Distant WorldsEdit

Other worlds exist distantly from the DC Multiverse, still technically in its borders albeit separate from the rest of the world.