Arrowverse 0
Multiverse DC-ARW
Primary Universe: Earth One
Greater Multiverse: DC Multiverse
First Appearance: Arrow: "Pilot"

The Arrowverse is a small multiverse that exists within the larger DC Multiverse.

Known WorldsEdit

  • Earth One (DC-ARW-01): Primary Earth, home of Team Arrow, Team Flash, and The Legends
  • Earth Two (DC-ARW-02): Home of Harry Welles
  • Earth Three (DC-ARW-03): Home of Jay Garrick
  • Earth Nineteen (DC-ARW-19) Home of HR Welles
  • Earth Thirty-Eight (DC-ARW-38): Home of Supergirl, extensive alien life
  • Earth John Wesley Shipp (DC-ARW-JWS): Home of the '90s CBS Flash
  • Numerous other Earths


  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Legends of Tomorrow
  • Supergirl
  • Constantine
  • Vixen
  • The Flash (1990)